Who We Are

At Gathering Harvests, we are passionate about promoting sustainable and responsible farming practices.

That's why we seek out brands from growers and producers who favor an artisanal and organic approach to farming, with respect for their ancestry, culture, and land. We believe that the best wines come from grapes that are nurtured using traditional methods, with minimal intervention, and without the use of harmful chemicals.

Gathering Harvests was established by Donna Pace to bring Connecticut food and wine lovers dynamic, high-quality wines made with organic and sustainable wine growing and making practices that reflected her Italian heritage. With determination and passion, she grew the portfolio with like-minded, ‘farm to bottle’ small family producers in Italy, France, Spain, and America. A consumer-driven focus coupled with personal integrity created success in the wholesale trade of the state.

We take pride in our carefully selected portfolio of wines and spirits, which includes an array of varietals and blends from regions across the globe. Whether you're looking for a crisp rose from France, a full-bodied red from California, or a refreshing bubbly from Italy, we have something for everyone.

Shelton, CT

(860) 361-6144